Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A Mothers Love

This Mothers Day we had a wonderful time celebrating.
We had ceremony, ritual, prayer, meditation, shared food 
and planted a mothers garden(See below). 
But first, we talked about the perfection that surrounds us
in honoring  them this time of year.

All we have to do is look out the window to see
the magnificence of the natural world 
and the great mother is so bountiful 
with fertility and creation.
Little baby birds are being born.
Plants greetings us, in their various stages life.
Some with newness of rebirth,
others fully awake and flowering.

What makes the tradition of gifting flowers 
to our mothers so special is that they are 
the quintessential symbol of fertility beaming with life.
Its natures way of gracing our mothers 
by emanating the beauty of their divine role.

This includes all mothers.
Our Birth mothers, Spirit mothers, Earth mothers
as well as mothering ourselves.
Even beyond gender, we all are mothers.
Perhaps to a beloved pet, inner child, or our spirit and body.

We contemplated some questions:

What are the things we give birth to?
When one gives of themselves,
they give birth to a heart of generosity and contribute to humanity.

What are the things we nurture?   
Every time we say the words I Love You
we are not only nurturing who we are saying it to,
but to our own heart & inner child as well.
Even when we say the words to ourselves,
Matt Kanh says,
“We are writing a Love letter to the whole world.”

What are the things we raise?
In love, we certainly raise the
vibration of collective consciousness.

Whether we are talking about birth, nurturing or raising something,
what we do and how we do it was likely learned from a mother.

Every time we eat, say thank you,
because even the food that nourishes our body is only possible 
through our many mothers.
Mother earth cradles us by providing the conditions for growing food.
Seeds germinate and give birth to plants.
Someone nurtures the plant.
The insects and birds pollinate them.
The plant births food as a divine offering.
Its as if we are being fed a bowl of love,
every time we eat!
Do you see how beautifully orchestrated this is?
How interconnected we all are  to every living thing,
In love, everything shows up as mother on our behalf.

What begins as a seed, honors the wisdom of the great mother earth and bestows her grace on us all. When we create a garden sanctuary, 
we are reminded that we are a part of both nature's essence and something more.

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