Monday, June 12, 2017


There is a term used to describe the process  of working A Course in Miracles (ACIM) called undoing.
Todays talk Ascension is really the same process,  because to rise up is to Undo, or dismantle All that separates us. Ascension is a necessary process in global awakening of the planet.

The course teaches 3 different messages of forgiveness. So where ever one picks up the text to look, they may interpret a different meaning. Think of it in the same way s having journaled our life. If you pick it up and read at a young point it may look like the young little narcissist me, me, mine. In our teens maybe we become a rebel as we explore our boundaries. Just like the decision to descend, incarnate and experience a full bodied human,
ACIM has a process of undoing.

There is a process for healing, until we unlearn.
So forgiveness looks like this:
  1. Practice forgiving others
  2. Actually it’s forgiving ourselves for what we held against another          
  3. In truth there is nothing to forgive
Which one of these are true?
All 3, depending on where someone is in their learning.
Therefore, this shift in teaching also reminds us not to get attached to one meaning.
There is no absolute in learning, and to say that one is false is to run interference in ours or someones else's own 
evolutionary process.
That is ACIM, but remember undoing is not limited to their teaching.

For progress to be reached in our heart centered reality, Ascension is necessary and requires a willingness to be open in expanding ones own consciousness.

As we ascend and reach new levels of understanding & truths it may leave us feeling doubt, gullible. 
 Or that we can’t trust our own inner wisdom, intuition or discernment in our return to truth.
This is our sneaky little feeling called doubt. Doubt is what disconnect us & likes to run interference on our souls journey, by bringing us out of alignment.

That said, when we transcend beliefs, it can be very confusing because we hold this idea that something is true,
and as a new truth is revealed the old then becomes an untruth in the undoing.

Sometimes we are at a point where we experience dual consciousness. Doubt & confusion(EGO) team up & collide, with our souls journey. An example may be when we are at a dark point. Darkness is often a clearing for something greater to emerge. Confusion may also arise because we are in times of radical transformation.
With love anchored in our hearts, peace & healing will always return.

The undoing is not bringing us new truths, rather it is helping us remove the obstacles that block it from our awareness. In that way we could say it is an unlearning. When we cross over a new threshold, it’s critical to accept that as long as we are bound to this body, we will continuously change. Many folks consider themselves spiritual seekers, but there's ne need to seek what is already there. The minute we do, we just invite doubt back over for another set back.

Here are some great questions to consider:
1. Have you ever had a belief, claimed it 
   and then somewhere along the way 
   changed your mind & felt guilty, ashamed
   unintelligent or inauthentic?

2. Or someone else said something(opinion)
   that you didn’t feel was true,
   and you forever hold them to what they said, 
   as if they can’t grow too.
Perhaps even hold them in the judgment of 
   guilt, shame, unintelligent or inauthentic energy 
   that they feel.

3. How about had a judgement 
   that someone has crazy talk,
   and then a few years later,
   you find yourself exploring the very thing 
   that you judged them as nutty for?

Remember what Ghandi said:
"Only God is truth. I am a human being. 
Truth for me is changing every day. 
My commitment must be to truth, 

not to consistency."