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Sacred-Earth Sanctuary

An informal gathering of fellowship is held from 10:30am – 11:00am before the Circle Circle of Sacred-Earth Sanctuary.

This spiritual circle is a sacred gathering held Sundays at 11am (except the first Sunday of each month) where people come together to share with openness from the heart. Its experiential nature begins with a leader opening the circle through a reading or centering meditation. This is followed by a brief reflection of a spiritual topic. Finally, a talking stick is passed around the circle in a clockwise direction allowing each person an equal opportunity to fully express their truth without interruption or judgment or they may simply hold the talking stick in silence. Although the circle has many expressions and thoughts, it shares one voice.

(The small circle held in Drum Room or Meditation Room),held Sundays from 11:30 am-12:30 pm (except the first Sunday of the month).

The small circle of contemplation embraces a practice of reverence through prayer, meditation and sharing. Due to its meditative nature, it is limited to 8 attendees. This helps promote a practice of silence and going within. The group begins with a silent meditation and only becomes spoken word when a divine invitation to speak is received. Participants use Tibetan Bowls to signal their desire to share and allow the resonance to finish before speaking. While there are no leaders, the group as a whole works together to maintain a sacred space.

The Circle of Exploration is a journey into the soul through many modalities. It’s experiential nature draws from many practices, rituals, our senses or it could just be through spoken word.

While there may be a leader ultimately this circle is a mind walk towards self discovery.

Coffee and Conversation is held in the old general store from 9:30am-11:30am.

Coffee and Conversation is an informal spiritual service that meets on the first Sunday of every month. Everyone is welcome to participate in the service by sharing a story from the heart, a poem, song, devotional words that move you, or simply opening the floor to a topic of discussion.

You're invited to join us for coffee, biscuits, fellowship, and inspiration!

The Circle of Sacred Studies has many different groups, each of which focuses on one specific spiritual practice or text. Currently, A Course in Miracles is our only group meeting at this time.

Classes & Events

Please see class times and details on the Calendar of Events


Body/Mind Movement Classes: Gentle Yoga & Pilates

Developed & Taught by Jann A. Jennelle, PT, LMT

Integrative Physical Therapist & Wellness Specialist

Yoga Therapeutics & Yoga Basics

Cultivate a sense of renewal while exploring pain-free movement possibilities during this gentle flow sequence of mindful seated, standing and floor poses. This class is designed to specifically meet the functional movement needs of each participant. Class size limited to 4 participants. Please call to be placed on wait list.

Pilates Mat Fundamentals

Utilize intention and breath to experience poses with freedom, ease, and a grounded presence. Release tension and cultivate body awareness while developing stable alignment with core activation and balanced flow.

Tai Chi/Qi Gong (pronounced Chee Gung)

60 Movement Yang Style Tai Chi Form

10 Symbols of Longevity

Spring Forrest Qi Gong

Enjoy a youth-infusing, low-impact form of exercise created in ancient China. Tai Chi/Qi Gong began as a martial art and evolved into an activity that all ages could enjoy. Tai Chi/Qi Gong involves slow, flowing movements, deep breathing, and meditation.

Scientific studies suggest Tai Chi improves the flow of energy throughout the body, leading to better wellness and a wide range of benefits that include:

Increased strength

Improved cardiovascular health

Reduction of pain

Better balance and flexibility

Enhanced sleep

Overall, students experience greater awareness, relaxation and overall sense of well-being.

Brian Sutton (instructor) has 20 years of experience teaching Tai Chi/Qi Gong, martial arts & meditation. Please RSVP for classes at roswelltaichi@yahoo.com or call (678) 521-9855.

Chair Yoga

Chair yoga is a gentle form of yoga that improves mental and physical health through an amazing for of adaptive exercise. Whether standing or sitting, postures are supported by a chair. This form of yoga was modified to allow those with a lack of mobility or stability to receive yoga's healing and restorative benefits of flexibility, balance and muscle tone.


Dances of Universal Peace

The Dances of Universal Peace is spiritual practice in motion that draws on sacred phrases, scripture, and poetry of many spiritual traditions of the earth. The Dances blend chant, live music and movement into a living experience of unity, peace and integration. The taste of our true nature—as Universal Peace—opens us to the possibility of a deep spiritual revolution within each person.

Angel Circle:

An angels circle is a spiritual gathering to evoke or call on our angel guides. Angels are always nearby…there’s no time in the angelic realm…it just doesn’t exist.

Before gathering in a circle, we clear negative energies with a sage smudge, bring in positive energies with a sweet grass smudge.

What to expect in the circle:

To open and listen to your angel guides.

Unlock the channels in the angelic realm we begin with a protection blessing.

Setting an intention, rituals of meditation, clearing the third eye chakra, angel cards etc..

We close with a gratitude blessing or practice.

What to bring:

If you want to journal, bring a pen and pad. Feel free to bring a power object or stone to hold or put on the alter.

Gong Meditation

Experience how the gong assists your personal meditation practice in a profound way, or simply relax and allow the sound waves to take you into the deep meditative state. This ancient meditation tool gets you into that space quickly and provides powerful support that is fully accessible to experienced and novice meditators alike.

Aligning with the Universal laws: A Joyful life made Manifest

The law of attraction is more than just ‘magic’ thinking. It requires the Hermetic laws to create life you were meant to live. Actually, the life you were meant to live is already available and held in a trust, just waiting for you to align energies and call it forth.

This class will give you weekly exercises that will help you release attachment or resistance to it’s divine unfolding.

Communications Cornerstones: A foundation for Compassionate Communications

Communication Cornerstones is designed as a "beginner" course for those wanting to launch into learning the language of Compassionate Communication. Together the 4 Cornerstones create a foundation for building trust, dissolving conflict and creating quality connections between people. These promote compassionate communication; deep listening, honest communication, self connection and acceptance of self and others.

Shamanic Journey

Shamanic journey is a pathway to inner peace and healing. We prepare a sacred space with traditional Shamanic ceremony, meditation and intention. Feel free to bring a drum or rattle.

Hosted by Gailie Spirit Weaver

Monthly Moon Meditation

Are you inspired by natural rhythms? Do you want to manifest insight, harmony and balance? Do you want to connect with the heartbeat of the world? Join Dr. Lisa Wiggins to discover the primordial power of the drum and how that power facilitates physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual well being. Circle members will be guided through a drum meditation and encouraged to learn from their experiences. Optional: Potluck directly following.

Music and More!

A listening room with our local musicians will lift you up and make your heart sing. Music night opens with legendary singer songwriter Louis Robinson followed by local folk and jazz showcase artists and one of Louis' premier students. "…and More!" the night may surprise you with events like an occasional poetry reading or amazement from a local magician. Regardless of the show, all events during a Music and More! night will leave you feeling filled with more light, laughter and love so please join us!

Spiritual Cinema

As a way of connecting through film, the Heron House shows uplifting movies that inspire love, cultivate compassion, and express wisdom. We also show documentaries that inform us about people, practices, and global findings.

Please join us for an evening of entertainment. We always serve fresh, kettle-popped popcorn but you are always welcome to bring a picnic-style dinner and beverage of choice.

See calendar for a description of various Reiki Events

Monday, May 14, 2012

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